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Walnford House

Freehold NJ

Constructed in 1773 by Richard Waln, a wealthy Philadelphia Quaker merchant, the Walnford house is one of the most important 18th century domestic structures in south and central New Jersey. The House is located at Historic Walnford, a historic site that is the focal point of the 1200-acre Crosswicks Creek Greenway, which is administered by Monmouth County Park System.

The house is significant for its size and quality of detailing and construction, as well as for the unchanged character of its context. The rural nature of the area has been preserved, and many historic structures are intact on the site, including a grist mill, an ice house, a carriage barn, and several small outbuildings.

JHPA was engaged by Monmouth County Park System to restore the interior spaces of the main house, and to rehabilitate and upgrade the servant’s wing to serve as office space for site staff. The project includes improvements which will conform to ADA regulations. In addition to the main house and servant’s wing, the original ice house was restored.