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National Lighthouse Museum

Staten Island NY

In 1864 the Third District United States Lighthouse Depot at St. George in Staten Island was beginning to build a complex that would reach a total of thirty-eight buildings at its peak of operation. In 1968 the facility was decommissioned by the Federal Government and began to fall into disrepair. By the early 1990s only seven buildings remained. Considering the national significance of this site, it was chosen by the National Lighthouse Society as the ideal location for a new National Lighthouse Museum.

The structures that remain today are the 1864 Workshop, the 1864 Storage Vaults, the 1868 Lampshop, the 1869 Administration Building, the 1884 Workshop, the 1902 Lampshop (now called Building 10), and the 1915 Foundry (now called Building 11). In 1991 JHPA prepared a conditions assessment and adaptive reuse study for the complex resulting in the stabilization of two historic structures. In 2000 JHPA prepared construction documents for the New York City Economic Development Corporation which included a complete exterior restoration and interior build-out of Building 11 along with an exterior restoration of Building 10. Construction was completed in 2005.