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Merchant’s House Museum

New York NY

The Merchant’s House Museum is an outstanding and rare example of early 19th-century residential architecture in New York City. The building combines details from the Federal and Greek Revival styles, and is a National Historic Landmark. Both the exterior and interior are designated New York City landmarks. The house was constructed in 1832 in what was a fashionable residential neighborhood. Now a museum, the building appears today much as it did during the life of its merchant owner, Seabury Tredwell.

JHPA prepared a Historic Structure Report and measured drawings that document the house’s social history, construction chronology and existing physical conditions. The report also included a list of repair priorities for both the interior and exterior of the structure. The firm has produced construction documents for exterior masonry repairs, notably to the party walls, which have been exposed and weakened by the demolition of adjacent structures.

The Merchant’s House Museum has stood remarkably unaltered for over 150 years and is among the city’s most venerated landmarks. The ongoing, phased maintenance program that our firm initiated will help ensure that this unique window onto old New York will remain intact.