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Jan Hird Pokorny Associates, Inc.

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New Construction

Markle Foundation Offices

Rockefeller Center NY, 1986-87

New offices for the Markle Foundation were designed to evoke the spirit and quality of Rockefeller Center’s original offices while accommodating contemporary needs. Well-equipped, well-lit comfortable spaces were provided for the reception area, conference rooms, library, and work stations of the Markle Foundation. The foundation is a not for profit organization which supports the development of educational programs in the media.

Acoustical tile was largely eliminated to recapture the original ceiling height. Patterned glass used historically on office doors was reintroduced to bring natural light into interior hallways. Other materials used include slate, cherry wood paneling, and low-gloss dyed wood. The completed design conveys comfort, calm, and quality. Jan Hird Pokorny Associates designed all furniture and lighting for this project.