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Locust Grove

Poughkeepsie NY

Locust Grove occupies seventy-six acres within the larger Young-Morse Historic Site. It is one of the foremost examples of mid-19th-century landscape design in the United States. The buildings and gardens together are significant examples of the Picturesque.

Locust Grove had been inhabited since 1771. Since 1976 it has been open to the public as an historic site. The extant buildings range in date from the 1830s through 1927.

JHPA was retained by the Samuel F.B. Morse Historic House and Grounds Estate to conduct a conservation assessment and prepare an historic structure report for the various outbuildings at Locust Grove. These outbuildings include the Barn, Carriage House, Greenery, Potting Shed, Tool Shed, Ice House, Privy, and Pony Shed.

The report includes recommendations for remedial action intended to guide the conservation effort of this significant historic structure. Based on this report the firm prepared construction documents for the final portion of the exterior facade restoration of the Carriage House as part of a New York State Parks EPF grant.

JHPA has also prepared restoration documents for the reconstruction of the highly detailed rear porch of the main house that has not had major repair work performed since a 1901 renovation.