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Jan Hird Pokorny Associates, Inc.

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New Construction

Housing Authority Police Station No. 3

Brooklyn NY, 1988-94

The New York City Housing Authority, through the Department of General Services, retained JHPA to create a new building to serve the needs of the hundreds of officers who patrol city housing in northern Brooklyn. The new facility is located in an underdeveloped manufacturing and residential section of Bushwick slated for urban renewal.

Lacking a definable architectural context, our firm designed the building to help define a new neighborhood identity. With a crisply striped masonry exterior, punched window openings and a generously proportioned entrance, the building is clearly identifiable as a public structure and anchor for the surrounding area. The overscaled brick offers durability and a solid, enduring appearance. Inside, the building provides administrative offices, squad rooms, locker rooms and detention areas. Warm-toned tile, terrazzo flooring and other interior surfaces are designed to appear both rugged and friendly within this difficult human services environment.

Our bold addition to the city’s civic architecture was planned as a prototype for future public service facilities of this kind. This building also helps to establish an urban context that will be the basis for the surrounding neighborhood’s future development.