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Garrison Grist Mill

Garrison NY

The Garrison Grist Mill, also known as the Arden Mill, is located near Garrison, New York, within the Garrison Historic District. Investigation of written records, existing original elements, and visual evidence date the mill to the 18th Century. Additional historic documents connect it to the Benedict Arnold betrayal of West Point.

The mill was purchased by the Open Space Institute with the intent of adapting it to house field office space and for interpretation of the in-situ milling equipment. JHPA was retained to conduct a survey of existing conditions, compile a report of conditions and recommendations for remedial treatment, and provide budget estimates for repair. The report and budget allowed the Institute to plan for the most appropriate adaptive reuse of the structure. JHPA then completed construction documents and oversaw the restoration of the exterior and the adaptive rehabilitation of portions of the interior.

One of the few remaining grist mills in the Hudson River Valley, the restored Garrison Mill will provide comfortable working space for the Open Space Institute to carry on important work. The remaining interpreted portions of the structure will help tell the story of the agrarian foundations of early New York.