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Erie Lackawanna Ferry and Railroad Terminal

Hoboken NJ, 1994

Designed by Kenneth Murchison and constructed in 1907, this copper-clad Beaux-Arts complex continues to operate as one of New Jersey’s busiest transportation hubs, serving the needs of rail, ferry, bus and PATH train commuters. Although much of the original structure is intact, many areas of the building are underused, notably the ferry terminal. The copper exterior has suffered from severe deterioration, with as much as 30% of the cladding missing from some facades.

With the preservation and restoration of the terminal a priority, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey hired JHPA to prepare a comprehensive conditions survey and a restoration and rehabilitation plan for the Terminal. The plan was designed to preserve the historic fabric of the building while adapting the structure to the needs of future occupants. The study covered all interior and exterior finishes, as well as structural, mechanical and electrical systems. JHPA has also prepared construction documents for the stabilization of the terminal roof and the restoration of decorative copper work.

The restoration of the Erie-Lackawanna Rail and Ferry Terminal recaptures the beauty and functionality of this unique transportation landmark.