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Church of the Incarnation

New York NY

This Gothic Revival church, with its distinctive corner tower, was designed by Emlen T. Littel and embellished with works by Heins and Lafarge, Tiffany, Morris, St. Gaudens and Burne-Jones. The building, a New York City landmark, was constructed in 1864.

The church’s brownstone exterior was severely deteriorated due to the effects of weather and pollution. A leaking roof had caused damage to interior finishes. Faced with mounting expenses, the congregation looked to JHPA to prepare a conditions survey to give an overview of maintenance concerns. The report provided a prioritized list of recommended repairs and cost estimates. The first phase of the restoration included a careful cleaning and repair of the deteriorated brownstone on the front facade and tower, replicating the carved ornamental stonework where necessary. The project included the installation of new roofing, gutters and the repair of windows. JHPA has also established an ongoing window restoration training program for the church staff.

Many religious groups are challenged by the need to preserve their historic structures. Our restoration plan has provided this church with a phased repair and maintenance program that has helped the congregation manage costs and plan for future expenses.