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Jan Hird Pokorny Associates, Inc.

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Commercial Buildings

32 East 64th Street

New York NY, 1986-88

The Verona apartment building was constructed in 1908 and is located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side Historic District. Designed in the Italian Renaissance style by William Mowbray, the building is a vigorous composition of limestone, brick and terra-cotta. Perhaps the Verona’s most distinctive feature is a monumental eight-foot-high metal cornice that projects seven-feet from the main structure.

The Verona’s board engaged JHPA to prepare a conditions survey of the building’s exterior and make repair recommendations for the visibly deteriorated cornice. Much of the metal was cracked, perforated and loosely anchored, posing a threat to pedestrians. An obvious solution would have been to replace the cornice. However, a close inspection revealed that, despite its poor condition, much of the cornice’s underlying structure and facing was sound. Our affordable restoration plan combined the reinforcement of salvageable elements with the necessary replication of other components. JHPA’s work also included cleaning and partial repointing of the building’s masonry facade, reconstruction of the parapet and replacement of terra-cotta balustrades.