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Jan Hird Pokorny Associates, Inc.

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New Construction

230 Elizabeth Street

New York NY



230 Elizabeth Street is a four-story old-law tenement building in the Lower East Side of Manhattan built circa 1860. A private client hired Jan Hird Pokorny Associates to design appropriate rooftop and rear yard additions that will transform the building into an owner-occupied duplex apartment with two floor-through rental apartments. There is also a ground floor commercial space.

Although not an official New York City landmark, JHPA designed the addition to work within the context of the original building. The sloping metal roof with a large dormer directly behind the cornice is indicative of many buildings in the area from the mid-nineteenth century. The non-original fire escape will be removed from the front facade and the aluminum windows will be replaced with historically appropriate wooden ones. JHPA also designed the interiors of the duplex apartment and the two rental units.

JHPA designed the structure with green building strategies in mind, including using recycled materials and significantly reducing the amount of energy the building will use.